Manu S Pillai

A 3rd Year IT undergrad from the God's Own Country, Kerala.
Currently staying and studying at New Delhi.

About Me!

Hey! I'm Manu, currently pursuing my Btech from Bharati Vidyapeeth's College Of Engineering. I'm from Kerala, I love everything under the sun that has technology bound to it. I'm an avid learner and have been coding since last 3 years. Switching between languages is not my thing, so I'm trying to learn and build some embedding, extending tools for programming languages, if completed, you can see that in my work session 😉. I like reading books and is an avid learner. My interest includes a lot of Machine Learning and Data Science, if I'am not doing it, you can find me travelling.
I'm a GitHub Campus Expert, you can find me in here

Favourite Quote?

"If you knew success was certainty, what would you attempt to do?"

                                                                                                                            - unknown

Personal Projects And Publications

A social media app for ALUMNI of different organizations .
An android platform that enables alumni to interact with their collegemates as well as current studying students to discuss their experience and other academic details.
What's different in it? It has a feature based on the machine learning, to find a person by their image rather than their name.
This was the winning project of the Smart Odisha Hackthon-2018 in Education Sector.
Depression is a medical illness that affects an individual negatively by changing the way one feels, think and act but luckily, it's treatable, so the
problem is its detection which we can solve with the help of machine learning. A model is developed to detect whether a person is suffering from
depression or not using the prosodic features (pitch, tone, rhythm) of their voice which are promising indicators of depression.
Its published in Elsevier Digital Library.

GetitValue is a web application all done in pure python. Its a place to get all information on Latest Foreign Exchanges produced in a graphical picture.






Deep Learning

Data Structures and Algorithms




Won the Smart Odisha Hackathon - 2018 in Education sector, outside ODISHA
Participated in
Participated in TIC-TECH-TOE'18 conducted by DA-IICT in association with IEEE and DCEI and was shortlisted
under top-5 teams.
Participated in LNM-Hacks 3.0, Rajasthan's best hackathon conducted by LNMIIT - Jaipur and was shortlisted
under top-11 teams.
Participated in HashHacks-3.0 conducted by Delhi University at Cluster Innovation Center, New Delhi , and was
shortlisted under top-10 teams.
Participated in Technorax v4.0 organised by IEEE NIEC at Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta Institute of Technology and
Management (formerly NIEC)

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